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Guided Meditation and Creative Visualization for Relaxation, Balance, Integration and Flow with Jennifer Nannie, CCHT

7-13 September, 2014 in Mallorca, Spain


During this week long retreat I will be offering you deeply relaxing and revitalizing guided meditation and creative visualization to enhance, deepen and expand your meditation and yoga practices. You will be gently guided through meditation and visualization exercises that will encourage you to explore and enjoy your natural imaginative and creative capabilities. These inner journeys will help  you focus your attention and tap into your inner resources and pure potential – the strength, inspiration, creativity and peace within you- to maximize, anchor, develop and strengthen the many positive, healthy, revitalizing benefits in body, mind and spirit this retreat experience will bring to you. I’m looking forward to sharing these practices with you and assisting you in enjoying a rewarding and enriching retreat. My multi-disciplinary background education in Clinical Transformational Hypnotherapy, Insight Meditation and Transpersonal Psychology has afforded me the opportunity and honor to guide and support individuals and groups, in the US and abroad, in creating lasting positive healthy changes in their lives by tapping into the unlimited pure potential that lies within us all. During the retreat, I will be offering a limited number of private individual sessions for retreat participants; please contact the retreat coordinator Jan-Petter Engvig for more information.

                                             Inner Path

Within us all are the resources to create and manifest the lives we were born to live: Lives filled with Love, Purpose, Success, Joy, Balance, Passion and Inspired Action. When we begin to listen to and awaken to the wisdom, the voice of truth and knowing within ourselves, when we begin to trust ourselves, as Goethe wrote, then we will know how to live.

There are various paths that lead to this awakening, this knowing that we can and are creating our reality every moment of every day. Our inner world is reflected in our outer experience; what is in our hearts and minds manifests in the lives we are living. I honor and am grateful for every path that encourages one to do no harm and to look within first for the clarity, guidance we seek; to bring forth the inspired action needed to realize one’s fullest potential. Within us lies the clarity,  strength, inspiration and the motivation we seek to create the life we want to live, to make the choices and take the actions necessary to realize that our hearts’ desire. This inner wisdom will show us the way as soon as we learn to relax, be still, and listen.

I invite you to experience and discover the power of hypnotherapy to create deep, profound relaxation and well-being in mind, body, and soul. Together we will explore how hypnotherapy can help you tap into the resources within you to create lasting positive changes and fully enjoy your life